Don't You (CD)

by Wet
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Wet, comprised of singer-songwriter Kelly Zutrau, and multi-instrumentalists Joe Valle and Marty Sulkow, make songs that resist easy categorization and invite every listener to bask in its intimate glow. But despite their wide-ranging sensibilities, Wet never compromises its core: sturdy pop songwriting and piercing lyrics. The trio met through mutual friends as college students in New York City in 2007. After a few years of informal dabbling, they began officially making music as Wet during the summer of 2012. Don’t You, the long-anticipated album from the trio of friends known as Wet is an astonishingly lucid and heart-wrenching collection of 11 tracks. The product of many months of seclusion, soul-searching and intense collaboration, Don’t You fulfills the promise that Wet’s music has made since day one. Old fans will rejoice; new listeners will quickly be pulled into the music’s intimate embrace.


It's All in Vain
Don't Wanna Be Your Girl
All the Ways
Small and Silver
You're the Best
Move Me
These Days