Kveldssanger (Re-Issue 2016)

by Ulver
I: Ì÷stenfor Sol og vestenfor Maane [East of the Sunne and West of the Moone]
II: Ord [Wordes]
III: HÌüifjeldsbilldeåÊ[The Mountainetops]
IV: Nattleite [Nighte Time]
V: Kveldssang [Twilight Song]
VI: Naturmystikk [Naturall Mystick]
VII: A Capella (Sielens Sang) [A Cappella (Song of the Soule)]
VIII: Hiertets Vee [The Heart's Woe]
IX: KlÌ_dt i Nattens farver [Cladde in Colours of the Nighte]
X: Halling [Halling]
XI: Utreise [Exodus]
XII: SÌüfn-Ìür paa Alfers Lund [Drowsieness on Fairie Mound]
XIII: Ulvsblakk [Wolfsgray]
XIV: Synen