Pillar to Post (Vinyl)

by Tim Wheatley
Australian troubadour Tim Wheatley, returns with album #2, ‘Pillar To Post’.

Off the back of his top 10Australian Album, Tim Wheatley spent much of 2016 touring with performances in the UK, Australia and the USA before settling back in Los Angeles to complete his much anticipated follow up album ‘Pillar to Post’.

“The album is certainly a collection of songs born of harder times than my debut ‘Cast of Yesterday’.” Says Tim.
“The influence Los Angeles has had on my music came in ways I didn’t expect. Rather than painting a sundrenched California, I found myself reaching for home in Australia”.

“I was writing songs about the road when I was at home, and songs about home when I was out on the road. I found myself losing the battle with the tyranny of distance and was having an ongoing arm-wrestle with life’s guilty pleasures. The sheer brutality of the ‘LA hustle’ was very hard to come to grips with – I found the highs were high, and the lows were low, and there was absolutely nothing in between”.

1  Midnight Man   
2  Snakes Amongst the Cane feat. Helena Vestergaard       
3  Her Wicked Ways   
4  Old Hollywood (Things I've Seen)   
5  Better Days   
1  The Rest of the Way   
2  Pillar to Post   
3  Skippers Daughter   
4  Violet Skies   
5  Naked as the Day