Virtue (Vinyl) (2LP)

by The Voidz

The Voidz (formerly Julian Casablancas+The Voidz), will release their forthcoming album VIRTUE on March 30, 2018, via Cult Records, RCA Records and Sony Music Entertainment Australia.  The record will mark itself as the first new album in nearly four years from The Voidz, creating much anticipation with audiences around the globe.

The fifteen tracks on VIRTUE herald the return of a reinvigorated Voidz, and contain group’s most indelible work to date. Recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Grammy-winner Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, The War On Drugs), the album shapeshifts into bold and exciting new forms from one song to the next. 

“Our goal was to make a record that a wider audience would enjoy as much as we enjoyed the first album TYRANNY,” says Casablancas.  "Still a swirl of different styles, but I think this might the most eclectic record I've ever been a part of.  There's a song on there for everyone”. The Voidz’ 2014 album TYRANNY was called “(Casablancas’) most adventurous work yet” by NPR, and “the gnarliest work of his career” by Stereogum, with Rolling Stone hailing The Voidz as “a shredding art-punk squad”.


LP1 Side A

  1. ‘Leave It In My Dreams’
  3. ‘Pyramid of Bones’
  4. ‘Permanent High School’

 LP1 Side B

  1. ‘ALieNNatioN’
  2. ‘One of the Ones’
  3. ‘All Wordz Are Made Up’
  4. ‘Horse To Water’

 LP2 Side A

  1. ‘Wink’
  2. ‘My Friend The Walls’
  3. ‘Pink Ocean’
  4. ‘Black Hole’

 LP2 Side B

  1. ‘Lazy Boy’
  2. ‘We’re Where We Were’
  3. ‘Pointlessness’