by The Psychedelic Furs

Led by frontman and songwriter Richard Butler, The Psychedelic Furs won over fans and critics alike. Their combination of poetic lyrics, innovative rhythms and melodies driven by an aggressive, punk desperation saw them gain plaudits around the globe building a fan base that included artists as diverse as David Bowie, Annie Lennox, The Rapture, The Killers and Buffalo Tom. Through it all, the band released seven studio albums to great commercial success and critical acclaim.

The eponymous debut album was a Top 20 hit on release in 1980. From the pounding opener “India,” to the more delicate and complex “Flowers” at the end of the collection, the relevance of the Furs and their first effort becomes clear: the album stands as a critical achievement.


180 gram vinyl



1. India

2. Sister Europe

3. Imitation of Christ

4. Fall

5. Pulse


1. We Love You

2. Wedding Song

3. Blacks/Radio

4. Flowers