by Sontalk

STAY WILD, the debut album from SONTALK, is set for release MARCH 15 from Sony Music Masterworks  This twelve-track collection follows the personal trials, tribulations and triumphs of JOSEPH LEMAY, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind SONTALK

Included on the album is the single “I AM A MOUNTAIN,” a multilayered, enveloping ballad detailing the before-and-after of a tumultuous relationship. Sonically, “I Am A Mountain” serves as the dynamic apex of Stay Wild, featuring a loping pace and persistent, driving beat that swells and crescendos to mimic the emotional rise and fall of a failing relationship.


  1. Stay Wild
  2. I Am a War Machine
  3. Baby, I’m Gone
  4. Ça Va & C’est La Vie
  5. I Am a Mountain
  6. One Day It’s Gonna Break
  7. Hosánna (God, Damn My Soul)
  8. Jesus Honey
  9. Hurt You
  10. Kiss Me, Kill Me (Cover Me in Red)
  11. The One Who Breaks Your Heart
  12. Julian