Down Down & Dignigied at The Royal Albert Hall (Vinyl) (2LP)

by Status Quo
There really is no need to introduce a band such as Status Quo. They have sold more than 118 million records, received countless gold awards and top 10 singles, played over 6000 shows together and spent 23 years away from home on tour to rock around the world. With all that success Status Quo have always remained a very down to earth and sympathetic band. Now after more than half a century of existence, they are still THE convincing live band they have always been known for.


The “Down Down” live series comes in two versions. Down Down & Dirty At Wacken is a wild & electrifying performance recorded in front of 70,000 wild Heavy Metal Fans at the world famous “Wacken Open Air 2017”. The counterpart Down Down & Dignified At The Royal Albert Hall is an acoustic set, recorded in London’s concert flagship, the “Royal Albert Hall” which

absolutely lives up to its name. Dignified!


“There’s no other venue like the Royal Albert Hall, every artist wants to play there. So, to bring our Aquostic show there was a dream come true. The Quo classics were stripped back and delivered by the band in a new fresh way that really allows the melodies to shine. Fully acoustic and featuring some fantastic extra musicians and vocalists, this is a show we’ll always be proud of.”


After the tragic death of founding member Rick Parfitt, the Quo got young Irish rocker Richie Malone as a replacement on the rhythm guitar. His young age and talent really carry on the legacy of late Mr. Parfitt. Hands down (down)!




1. And It's Better Now

2. Break The Rules

3. Again And Again

4. Paper Plane

5. Rock ‘N’ Roll

6. Caroline


1. What You’re Proposing

2. Hold You Back

3. That's A Fact

4. Down Down

5. Pictures Of Matchstick Men

6. Down the Dustpipe




1. All the Reasons

2. Rollin' Home

3. Band Introductions

4. Don't Drive My Car

5. Reason For Living

6. Claudie


1. Rain

2. Marguerita Time

3. Na Na Na

4. Whatever You Want

5. Rockin' All Over The World

6. Burning Bridges