by State Champs
RELEASE DATE: 15th June 2018

Over the past decade, State Champs have become a major player in the world of pop-punk, helping define the shape of the genre for a new generation of fans, and on June 15, Living Proof will push pop-punk forward.

The band’s third album, Living Proof, will be released June 15 on Pure Noise Records / Sony Music Australia, and it’s the most ambitious and cohesive work in the band’s catalogue. After touring for Around The World And Back wrapped, the band returned to Albany, headed back into the garage, and started writing songs for what would become the framework for Living Proof. Getting back to their roots paid dividends, as the band had a new batch of songs ready, and once they linked up with the album’s producers, they wrote even more.

State Champs collaborated with some of pop-punk’s heaviest hitters, as the band co-wrote songs with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and Mark Hoppus from Blink-182. Though State Champs had no intention of working with Hoppus, the punk legend stopped by John Feldmann’s studio while the band was recording and quickly took a liking to them Before long, Hoppus was helping the band write a pair of songs, working with DiScanio on the lyrics, and then jumping in the vocal booth to lay down some parts of his own.

This chance encounter speaks to what’s at the heart of Living Proof, and that’s DiScanio’s embrace of the things you can’t prepare for. “Living Proof has a lot to do with independence, and finding the independence within you, embracing the mixed emotions that fall in your lap a lot of the time,” said DiScanio, noting that the album’s title is taken from the song “Cut Through The Static,” where he proclaims, “Let’s cut through the static and be the living proof.” On an album full of go-for-broke moments, State Champs pushed themselves to new heights without ever forgetting where they came from. 

Bone coloured vinyl (limited to 2,400 copies worldwide)


1. Criminal

2. Frozen

3. Crystal Ball

4. Dead and Gone

5. Lightning

6. Our Time To Go

7. Safe Haven

8. Something About You

9. The Fix Up

10. Cut Through The Static

11. Mine Is Gold

12. Time Machine

13. Sidelines