Silent Alarm (Live) CD

by Bloc Party

Bloc Party // Silent Alarm (Live) CD

Special live edition of English rock band Bloc Partyy’s debut album Silent Alarm is compiled from last year’s homecoming shows at Alexandra Palace and their European tour in which the band played the album in full.

Silent Alarm was released in 2005 to widespread critical and commercial success, achieving multi-platinum sales and earning Bloc Party a Mercury Prize nomination. The album has since been heralded as one of the most influential and important of the decade by outlets as diverse as Pitchfork, Q, Newsweek, Spin, Complex and Clash, and was named in numerous lists collating the best albums of the decade, whilst NME named it as one of the best of all time.


  1. Like Eating Glass (Live)
  2. Helicopter (Live)
  3. Positive Tension (Live)
  4. Banquet (Live)
  5. Blue Light (Live)
  6. She's Hearing Voices (Live)
  7. This Modern Love (Live)
  8. Pioneers (Live)
  9. Price of Gasoline (Live)
  10. So Here We Are (Live
  11. Luno (Live)
  12. Plans (Live)
  13. Compliments (Live)