Ten Songs From Live At Carnegie Hall (Vinyl)

by Ryan Adams

‘Live From Carnagie Hall is a 10 track selection of career spanning tracks, recorded live at Carnegie Hall over 2 nights in November 2014. The 10 tracks includes 2 previously unreleased tracks ‘This Is Where We Meet In My Mind’ and ‘How Much Light’ “All of his selections here work beautifully with just an acoustic guitar as accompaniment, and it all manages to cast his recent work in a positive light. Since they’re all subject to the same arrangements and production, "Am I Safe" or "Gimme Something Good" can be judged on the same scale as "Oh My Sweet Carolina" and "My Winding Wheel". The performances themselves are flawless and the recording is as well; everything is so crisp and clear that Carnegie Hall might as well be your living room. Live at Carnegie Hall is the Ryan Adams Ryan Adams, the one who redefined himself at 40 years old as three things no one thought he’d ever be: reliable, consistent and a consummate people pleaser.” Pitchfork


Oh My Sweet Carolina
Nobody Girl
New York, New York
Sylvia Plath
This Is Where We Meet in My Mind
My Wrecking Ball
Gimme Something Good
How Much Light
Come Pick Me Up