Sharkmouth (Vinyl)

by Russell Morris

'Sharkmouth' is the latest album from one of this country's greatest and most re-spected singer/songwriters, Russell Morris. The project was created after Russell had read about a 1920's Gangster from Sydney, Shark Jaws. This was the driving force behind a want to create an album including Australian characters from the 1920/30's era.

As producer (and bass player), Mitch Cairns, explains: "To our knowledge, most "Australiana" characters have been portrayed in a traditional colonial folk sense, so we wanted to find a way to deliver the stories in a more mainstream vein whilst still placing them in a "vintage era." A blues style seemed to be the perfect fit!! We tried to keep the vibe of the album raw and honest with lots of textural instruments and sounds, but above all, it had to be simple and spacious. We are also very honoured to have some very special guests on the album, including Troy Cassar-Daley, Mark Lizotte and Renee Geyer."



Black Dog Blues
The Big House
Ballad Of Les Darcy
Bout To Break

Walk My Blues
The Drifter
Money Don't Grow On Trees
Mr Eterni