Raising Hell (Vinyl)


Following the success of King Of Rock, Raising Hell (1986) raised more than just a massive revenue stream by selling over three million albums worldwide. It's a well known fact that the record, produced by Rock/ Hip Hop production pioneer Rick Rubin, raised the bar for Hip Hop albums in general.  
 Musically it indeed raises hell, being crammed to the brim with hard-hitting hooks, loops, samples, scratches, inventive tong-twisting braggadocio and catchy choruses.  Too many classics on this one:  "Peter Piper" with the massive Bob James bell drum sample, "It's Tricky" (putting The Knack's "My Sharona" sample to extremely good use) and the song that popularized a certain brand of shoes in the Hip Hop community, "My Adidas".   
 However the album's flag bearer is undoubtedly "Walk This Way" which literally rendered Aerosmith's original version obsolete. The album's timeless quality surfaces in its ability to bring together masses of fans of both genres.

Peter Piper
It’s Tricky
My Adidas
Walk This Way
Is It Live

Hit It Run
Raising Hell
You Be Illin’
Dumb Girl
Son of Byford
Proud To Be Black