A Love So Beautiful: Roy Orbison & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (CD)

by Roy Orbison
Like the two Elvis collections that came before it, 'A Love So Beautiful' is produced by Don Reedman and Nick Patrick. The album combines the elegant and spirited arrangements of Roy's best original vocal performances with the emotion and world-class musicianship of London's most beloved orchestra.

'A Love So Beautiful' features the timeless Roy tracks "Oh, Pretty Woman", "You Got It", "Crying" and more while breathing new life into fan favorites such as "Drove All Night" and the title track "A Love So Beautiful" making for a beautiful exploration into the mastery of Roy's vocals.

Additionally, the album will feature instrumental backing from "Roy's boys": his three sons Wesley, Roy Jr. and Alex; plus Roy's grandson Roy Orbison III. The spiritual collaboration between three generations of Orbisons makes A Love So Beautiful a truly special experience, not just for fans, but for Roy's sons as well. Having never had the opportunity to record with their father in his lifetime, this collaboration makes for an emotional homecoming for Wesley, Roy Jr., Alex and Roy III.

The material covered on A Love So Beautiful is vast, ranging from the Sun Records era of Roy's career as a rockabilly musician in the 1950s ("Ooby Dooby"), through his early-mid 60s material on the Monument label where he hit his first commercial peak ("In Dreams," "Blue Angel," "Crying," "Dream Baby," "I'm Hurtin'," "It's Over," "Mean Woman Blues," "Only the Lonely," "Oh, Pretty Woman," "Love Hurts," "Uptown") up to his comeback in the late 80s before his untimely passing ("You Got It," "I Drove All Night," "A Love So Beautiful").



In Dreams
I'm Hurtin'
Oh, Pretty Woman (featuring Alex Orbison - drums; Wesley & Roy Jr. - guitars; Roy III - guitar, tambourine)
It's Over
Dream Baby(featuring Alex Orbison - drums; Roy Orbison Jr. guitar)
Blue Angel
Love Hurts
Uptown (featuring Alex Orbison - drums)
Mean Woman Blues (featuring Alex Orbison - drums; Roy Orbison Jr. guitar)
Only the Lonely
Running Scared
I Drove All Night (featuring Alex Orbison - drums)
You Got It
A Love So Beautiful (featuring Alex Orbison - drums)