Ultimate Superheroes CD

by Robert Ziegler, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Release Date: 15th February 2019

Ultimate Superheroes is the newly recorded epic collection of the greatest superhero themes of all time including tracks from blockbusters Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Ant-Man.

Features compositions from some of the greatest film music composers of all time including Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

The constant reimagining of superhero movies has created a global appeal to an audience both young and old alike.

From the traditional orchestral sounds of The Dark Knight Rises to the African beats of Black Panther there’s something for every superhero fan in this unique collection.

Ultimate Superheroes exemplifies how at the heart of every epic superhero movie is an equally epic soundtrack.


1. Theme (From "Ant-Man")

2. Theme (From "The Dark Knight Rises")

3. United Nations / End Titles (From "Black Panther")

4. Main Theme (From "Captain America: The First Avenger")

5. The Master of the Mystic End Credits (From "Doctor Strange")

6. Main Title Theme (From "Guardians of the Galaxy")

7. Main Title Theme (From "Iron Man")

8. Main Title Theme (From "Spider-Man")

9. March (From "Superman")

10. Task Force X (From "Suicide Squad")

11.  Assemble (From "The Avengers")

12. Ragnarok Suite (From "Thor")

13. Suite From X2 (From "X-Men 2")