by Rick Parfitt

When the awful news broke on Christmas Eve 2016 that legendary rocker Rick Parfitt had passed, fans around the world were devastated that one of rock’s most iconic performers had been silenced. However, unknown to almost anyone, Rick had in fact virtually completed his first solo album whilst undergoing a period of recuperation after his heart attack in July. That album, poignantly titled ‘Over And Out’ will be released on 23 March 2018 through earMUSIC

Featuring 10 brand new songs, including the title track that broke hearts anew when it was played at Rick’s funeral, this is an album of depth and passion. Created by Rick Parfitt and Producer Jo Webb, the record is a true labour of love and showcases the softer side of Rick as a writer, artist and performer away from the Quo maelstrom as well as the purest rock and roll sound of earlier Status Quo records. 


Single 180gm heavyweight black vinyl


Side a

1.   Twinkletoes
2.   Lonesome road
3.   Over and out
4.   When i was fallin in love
5.   Fight for every heartbeat

Side b

1.   Without you
2.   Long distance love
3.   Everybody knows how to fly
4.   Lock myself away
5.   Halloween