The Division Bell - 2016 Version (Vinyl)

by Pink Floyd

“The Division Bell” is Pink Floyd’s fourteenth studio album, released in March 1994.
The music was written mostly by David Gilmour and Richard Wright; lyrically, the album deals with themes of communication. Recording took place in several locations, including the band's Britannia Row Studios, and Gilmour's houseboat, Astoria.

The production team included Pink Floyd stalwarts such as producer Bob Ezrin, engineer Andy Jackson and saxophonist Dick Parry. Gilmour's new wife, Polly Samson, co-wrote many of the album's lyrics, and Wright performed his first lead vocal on a Pink Floyd album since 1973's ”The Dark Side of the Moon”.


LP 1 Side A
Cluster One
What Do You Want from Me
Poles Apart

LP 1 Side B
A Great Day for Freedom
Wearing the Inside Out

LP 2 Side A
Take It Back
Coming Back to Life
Keep Talking

LP 2 Side B
Lost for Words
High Hopes