Naveed (Vinyl)

by Our Lady Peace

'Naveed is the debut album by Canadian (grunge-)rock band Our Lady Peace. Originally released in 1994, Naveed became a success. The album sold over 400,000 copies in Canada and also performed well in many other territories. The five singles from the album include "The Birdman", "Starseed" and "Naveed". The title Naveed is taken from the Persian name for the "bearer of good news". Upon its release in the United States in the next year, the album was admired by critics and very well received by fans. The rhythm section of the band was praised by most critics as well as the diversity in the band member's musical backgrounds and Raine Maida's 'hauntingly provocative' lyrics. Many critics also believed the album could serve as the bridge between Grunge and 'the next big thing'.



  1. The Birdman
  2. Supersatellite
  3. Starseed
  4. Hope
  5. Naveed


  1. Dirty Walls
  2. Denied
  3. Is It Safe?
  4. Julia
  5. Under Zenith
  6. Neon Crossing