by ViennaI Philharmonic & Christian Thielemann
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There are few concerts in the world that are awaited with as much excitement as the New Year’s Concert from Vienna. Under the direction of the finest international conductors, the Vienna Philharmonic ushers in the New Year with a traditional gala concert in the magnificent Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein. The concert is relayed to over ninety countries all round the world, reaching an audience of more than fifty million.

The 2019 New Year’s Concert will be conducted for the first time by Christian Thielemann. A native of Berlin, Thielemann has been a regular and welcome guest of the Vienna Philharmonic since 2000, with the result that his debut at a New Year’s Concert may be seen as setting an example and providing an appropriate tribute to his previous work with the orchestra. According to the orchestra’s chairman, Daniel Froschauer, orchestra and musicians trust each other completely: “The profound musical understanding and trust that have existed from the outset and that have always functioned perfectly have subsequently borne remarkable fruit in the symphonic repertory as well.”


1. Ziehrer - Schönfeld-Marsch, Op. 422

2. Josef Strauss - Transactionen, Walzer, Op. 184

3. Hellmesberger Jr. - Elfenreigen

4. Johann Strauss Jr. - Expreß, Polka schnell, Op. 311

5. Johann Strauss Jr. - Nordseebilder, Walzer, Op. 390

6. Eduard Strauss - Mit Extrapost, Polka schnell, Op. 259

7. Johann Strauss Jr. - Der Zigeunerbaron: Ouvertüre

8. Josef Strauss - Die Tänzerin, Polka française, Op. 227

9. Johann Strauss Jr. - Künstlerleben, Walzer, Op. 316

10. Johann Strauss Jr. - Die Bajadere, Polka schnell, Op. 351

11. Eduard Strauss - Opern-Soirée, Polka française, Op. 162

12. Johann Strauss Jr. - Ritter Pásmán, Op. 441: Eva-Walzer

13. Johann Strauss Jr. - Ritter Pásmán, Op. 441: Csárdás

14. Johann Strauss Jr. - Egyptischer Marsch, Op. 335

15. Hellmesberger Jr. - Entr'acte-Valse

16. Johann Strauss Jr. - Lob der Frauen, Polka Mazurka, Op. 315

17. Josef Strauss - Sphärenklänge, Walzer, Op. 235

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