by Midnight Oil


This release is very much a response to the Australian political landscape of its time. With race and immigration issues dominant, then and today, Midnight Oil re-name Australia as something less than grand, Redneck Wonderland. Beneath the gun-toting kangaroo on the cover, you'll find a fortified, biting Midnight Oil. The title track is worth its weight in gold, while other stand-out moments include White Skin Black Heart and Safety Chain Blues. Fierce and true of heart, the Oils have never sounded better.

1. Redneck
2. Concrete
3. Cemetery In My Mind
4. Comfortable Place On The Couch
5. Safety Chain Blues
6. Return To Sender
7. Blot
8. The Great Gibber
9. Seeing Is Believing
10. White Skin Black Heart
11. What Goes On
12. Drop In The Ocean