Capricornia (Vinyl)

by Midnight Oil


Released in 2002, Capricaornia saw Midnight Oil move to a stripped back sound, with acoustic and clean electric guitars dominating the sound of the album (Golden Age, Luritja Way, Under the Overpass), although some tracks (Too Much Sunshine, Mosquito March, Poets and Slaves) feature significant distorted guitars. These latter tracks also feature distorted vocals. The album also features a short piano solo track (A Crocodile Cries) in the middle of the record, the melody of which is reprised for the album closing Poets and Slaves.

The track Say Your Prayers, which appears on US version of the album and was one of the four new tracks on The Real Thing, has been included on this newly sequenced track listing, only for the vinyl release.


Golden Age
Too Much Sunshine
Lurijita Way
Tone Poem
A Crocodile Cries
Mosquito March

Say Your Prayers
Been Away Too Long
Under the Overpass
World That I See
Poets and Slaves