by Midnight Oil
This long-surviving, quintessential Australian band has always been a multi-faced beast. This is not the rollicking, angry Oils we’re used to. Breathe sees Midnight Oil take a more subtle approach, without sacrificing any of the power that made them great. Country flavours dominate in One Too Many Times, while melody and rhythm meld in Underwater. The gorgeous Surf Up Tonight hints quietly at their roots, while other highlights include Gravelrash, Time To Heal and the mesmerising refrain of Star Of Hope. Country queen Emmylou Harris makes a guest appearance.

1. Underwater
2. Surf's Up Tonight
3. Common Ground
4. Time To Heal
5. Sins of Omission
6. One Too Many Times
7. Star Of Hope
8. In The Rain
9. Bring On The Change
10. Home
11. E-Beat
12. Barest Degree
13. Gravelrash