No Exit (CD/Blu-Ray)

by Marianne Faithfull
In the 1960s the iconic Marianne Faithfull gained major popularity and international stardom with the release of her single “As Tears Go By” written by her close friends Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. She became one of the lead female forerunners during the British Music Invasion in the US. For her 50th anniversary as a singer and international rock icon Marianne Faithfull releases a special treat for her fans. No Exit presents a best of collection of her live performances all over Europe. Moreover, the release of the album appears hand in hand with the release of the 2014 Budapest concert video and 4 highlight songs from her 2016 performance at the Roundhouse in London. Marianne first performance at the Roundhouse was in the acclaimed Tony Richardson production of Hamlet back in 1969. The concert was Marianne’s first performance in the capital since last November when she played to an ecstatic crowd at the sold out London’s Royal Festival Hall. This new release truly shows why Marianne has reached iconic stardom status over the years. Her incredible voice and heart gripping stage aura have not ceased over the years. On the contrary, it is her statement to the world that she still knows how to move heart and soul of every music fan.