by Luke Combs

Luke Combs will release the expanded collection of his debut album “This One’s For You,” one year after the June 2, 2017 launch.


The first-time ACM Awards nominee Pollstar calls “one of the country’s fastest rising stars” built his burgeoning fan base and career relentlessly touring and including new music, fresh from the writer’s room, in his set lists night after night. Of the five news songs on “This One’s For You Too,” Combs is for the first time releasing the viral video smash ‘Beautiful Crazy,’ a soulful love ballad Combs performed acoustically on socials and frequently includes in set-lists, and a bright new recording of ‘She Got The Best Of Me’, a flagship track from Combs’ early indie released EPs.


“As a songwriter, I’m always writing and adding new songs to our set lists. Some songs I haven’t released have even become staples in our shows because the fans request them,” Combs shares. “As we’re working on the next record, the deluxe gives me the chance to say thank you to the fans for supporting my debut album and share with them some of the new music they’ve fallen in love with on the road with us.”


1. Out There

2. Memories Are Made Of

3. Lonely One

4. Beer Can

5. Hurricane

6. One Number Away

7. Don't Tempt Me

8. When It Rains It Pours

9. This One's for You

10. Be Careful What You Wish For

11. I Got Away with You

12. Honky Tonk Highway

13. Houston, We Got a Problem *

14. Must've Never Met You *

15. Beautiful Crazy *

16. A Long Way *

17. She Got the Best of Me *


* Previously Unreleased tracks.