The Cry Of Love (Vinyl)

by Jimi Hendrix

Experience Hendrix/Legacy Recordings will reissue two long-unavailable albums in the extraordinary discography of Jimi Hendrix: The Cry Of Love and Rainbow Bridge. First released in 1971, The Cry Of Love revealed the new music Hendrix had been preparing for First Rays Of The New Rising Sun, the ambitious double album the guitarist was working on at the time of his death. Featuring favourites like “Angel” and “Freedom,” The Cry Of Love was compiled and mixed by Hendrix’s longtime engineer Eddie Kramer and drummer Mitch Mitchell. The Cry Of Love reached the Top 5 of the music charts on both sides of the Atlantic. For many fans, The Cry Of Love served as the first introductions to this boundary stretching material—recordings that saw Hendrix take fullest control of his musical gifts, writing, recording and producing the balance of these works from his newly-constructed Electric Lady Studios in New York City. To this day, they remain a significant signpost in Hendrix’s catalogue: a reflection of the public’s interest in more material from the iconic performer in the wake of his death, and the first public expression of his latest evolution as an artist.


Ezy Ryder
Night Bird Flying
My Friend
Straight Ahead
Astro Man
In From the Storm
Belly Button Window