Bark Overtures

by Jim Moginie And The Family Dog

Back in 2006 Jim Moginie (Midnight Oil) founded The Family Dog  to promote his first solo album ‘Alas Folkloric’. They went on to perform and tour together. On November 2, Jim Moginie and The Family Dog will be releasing a new album, ‘Bark Overtures’,  recorded live at Oceanic Studios. In November and December, The Family Dog is hitting the road and showcasing songs and tunes from the new album.

The Family Dog is: guitarist Kent Steedman and drummer Paul Loughhead from Northern Beaches legends and punk rockers The Celibate Rifles, plus multi instrumentalist Tim Kevin from La Huva, Exiles and Youth Group.  Live, this lineup is all about dynamics, travelling from a whisper to a scream, from a blitzkrieg, to trippy psychedelia, to rock in a moment.


Blind Devotion

In The End

I’m Happy

Destination Afghanistan

Samadhi Dog


0 to 110

Journeys To The Inner Stick


Space Moment