Equinoxe Infinity

by Jean-Michel Jarre
"Equinoxe Infinity” is the long-awaited sequel to his landmark fourth album, “Equinoxe”. The first “Equinoxe” notably arrived forty years prior to the date on November 16, 1978 and since remained essential listening for music aficionados.

The idea behind this brand-new album is very much driven by humanity using new technologies such as artificial intelligence and what will become of human mankind by doing so.

The legend just uncovered the album artwork created by Filip Hodas, which plays off the now-iconic image of the original.

“In days where vinyl is coming back big time, artwork deserves more attention,” JMJ says. “The cover of EQUINOXE has always been one of my favorites. Are these strange creatures watching us? Watching space? Watching machines? Watching a natural phenomenon? We don’t really know. They’re not scary, but odd and mysterious. So, I took the original ‘Watchmen’ of the EQUINOXE cover to continue the story.


1. The Watchers (movement 1)

2. Flying Totems (movement 2)

3. Robots don’t Cry (movement 3)

4. All you leave behind (movement 4)

5. If the wind could speak (movement 5)

6. Infinity (movement 6)

7. Machines are learning (movement 7)

8. The opening (movement 8)

9. Don’t look back (movement 9)

10. Equinoxe Infinity (movement 10)