Illmatic XX (2CD)

by Nas

With the release of Illmatic, in 1994 Nas quickly established himself as a hip hop icon and has become one of the hottest artists on the music scene today. The landmark album has been lauded by critics as one of the most exemplary hip hop recordings of all time. Today, the collection remains one of the most widely celebrated and influential albums in history.
Illmatic XX is a 2 disc, 20th anniversary special edition featuring new artwork, a 24 page booklet with new liner notes by Sacha Jenkins, artist tributes with rare & previously unseen photos. Disc 1, the original debut album, has been remastered from the original source tapes and disc 2 features 10 rare remixes, demos & freestyles from the era.

Amidst a demand for iconic records and resurgence of vinyl sales comes the ‰Û÷Classic Album‰۪ series, a 2CD product line focused on the jewels of the Sony Music catalogue.
We are taking the critically acclaimed Legacy Edition versions of these albums, many out of print, and creating high quality mini vinyl replicas, similar to the much-loved Japanese paper sleeves. 2CD gatefold digi-pack, Black polycarbonate discs (to mimic vinyl look), Booklet, Obi strip, Inner CD wallets, Plastic outer sleeve


åÊThe Genesis
åÊN.Y. State of Mind
åÊLife's a Bitch (feat. AZ & Olu Dara)
åÊThe World Is Yours
åÊMemory Lane (Sittin' in da Park)
åÊOne Love (feat. Q-Tip)
åÊOne Time 4 Your Mind
åÊIt Ain't Hard to Tell

åÊI'm a Villain
åÊThe Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show on WKCR October 28, 1993åÊ (feat. 6'9", Jungle & Grand Wizard)
åÊHalftime (Butcher Remix)
åÊIt Ain't Hard to Tell (Remix)
åÊOne Love (LG Main Mix)
åÊLife's a Bitch (feat. AZ) (Arsenal Mix)
åÊOne Love (feat. Sadat X) (One L Main Mix)
åÊThe World Is Yours (Tip Mix)
åÊIt Ain't Hard to Tell (The Stink Mix)
åÊIt Ain't Hard to Tell (The Laidback Remix)