We Too Are One (Remastered) (LP)

by Eurythmics
180 gram vinyl, with the packaging and artwork replicating the original versions.

To record their seventh studio album (not counting soundtracks and greatest hits compilations), Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox worked on a few songs in London and then checked into the old Mayflower Hotel in New York. “I’d bought a 12-track recorder and had it sent to a suite, where Columbian bass player Chucho Merchan was residing. “We wrote and recorded most of the songs for We Too Are One in the hotel, with Chucho operating the 12 track.”

They then brought Jimmy Iovine to Paris to co - produce. The rest of the album was completed in the back garden of Stewart’s home in Encino, California, where Annie recorded most of her vocals and harmonies. “We Too Are One” also has a Grammy nominated long form video, which follows Dave and Annie around the world as they perform songs from this album, along with their classic hits such as “We Too Are One” and “Revival” which opened their set with a flavour of 70’s Stevie Wonder classic funk, in contrast to classic ballads such as “Angel,” “The Miracle of Love” and “When the Day Goes Down.



1. We Two Are One

2. The King and Queen of America

3. (My My) Baby's Gonna Cry

4. Don't Ask Me Why

5. Angel



1. Revival

2. You Hurt Me (And I Hate You)

3. Sylvia

4. How Long?

5. When the Day Goes Down