Peace (2018 Remastered) (LP)

by The Music Vault
Release Date: 16th November 2018

180 gram vinyl, with the packaging and artwork replicating the original versions.

After working for a decade as solo artists ( both venturing into photography and other creative genres ), the duo performed at a friend’s party, just for fun, followed by a charity event in May 1998 and an appearance at the Brit Awards in early 1999. “ We started writing and recording a few songs and Annie asked, “Are we actually making a record?” I guess we were!”

“The songs sounded good so we carried on and moved camp back to The Church Studios, where it all began! We finished the album and whilst talking about doing a tour, it was decided that all the proceeds of the tour would go to Greenpeace and Amnesty International.” Dave and Annie as Eurythmics worked closely with these causes and continue to do so separately.

The album spurned the beautiful and melancholy song, “ I Saved the World Today” and the somewhat autobiographical “17 Again.”




1. I Saved the World Today

2. Beautiful Child

3. Forever

4. 17 Again

5. My True Love



1. I Want It All

2. Power to the Meek

3. Anything but Strong

4. I've Tried Everything

5. Lifted

6. Peace Is Just a Word