Secret Messages (Vinyl) (2LP)

by Electric Light Orchestra

2LP - 150 gram

For the first time ever, Electric Light Orchestra’s Secret Messages will be released as a double album, as originally conceived by Jeff Lynne in 1983. This 2LP release adds six tracks to its running order, all available for the first time on LP. Equally flush with cutting-edge synthesizers as well as up-front guitar mastery, Secret Messages is quintessential, world-class techno pop-rock. Jeff Lynne’s eclectic collection of self-written, self-produced songs (including the international hit “Rock ‘N’ Roll Is King”) ranges from raucous to romantic, all the while maintaining ELO’s peerless musicianship.




1.   Secret Messages              

2.   Loser Gone Wild

3.   Bluebird               

4.   Take Me On and On        


Side B

1..  Stranger               

2.  No Way Out

3.  Letter from Spain             

4.  Danger Ahead


Side C

1.  Four Little Diamonds

2.  Train of Gold      

3.  Endless Lies       

4.  Buildings Have Eyes 

5.  Motor Factory/Rock ‘N’ Roll Is King         


Side D

1.  Mandalay

2.  Time After Time         

3.  After All

4.  Hello My Old Friendv