Some Great Reward (Vinyl)

by Depeche Mode

Things changed for Depeche Mode after the release of ”Some Great Reward”. They were noticing droves of fans turning up at shows over the Atlantic, and increasing sales of their singles.  “Some Great Reward” yielded the massive single ‘People Are People’ which propelled the band into the mainstream. The track hit high numbers on international Singles Charts. It even topped the West-German charts where it was used as the theme song for the TV coverage of the 1984 US summer Olympics. The track also became a LGBT anthem due to the open minded nature of its lyrics.  Other great tracks on this classic are the B-side opener ‘Somebody’, ‘Master And Servant’ and the album closer ‘Blasphemous Rumours’. This album is a timeless masterpiece.


Something to Do
Lie to Me
People Are People
It Doesn't Matter
Stories of Old
Master and Servant
If You Want
Blasphemous Rumours