A Broken Frame (Vinyl)

by Depeche Mode

Their second album ”A Broken Frame” was released in 1982 and shows a growing band in its early stages, a group that's searching for direction and focus. Its versatility and highly diverse set of quintessential Eighties Pop make this a very interesting album, and every Depeche Mode fan that's eager to get an understanding of the makings of the group should own this record. Key member Alan Wilder was already touring with the band at this time, but has not yet been involved with recording ”A Broken Frame”. Their next effort however, ”Construction Time Again” would feature Wilder in the arranging seat, thus shaping the unique sound of Depeche Mode forever.


Leave in Silence
My Secret Garden
Nothing to Fear
See You
The Meaning of Love
A Photograph of You
Shouldn't Have Done That
The Sun and the Rainfall