Cypress Hill (Vinyl) (2LP)

by Cypress Hill

The first record by Cypress Hill, simply called Cypress Hill, made quite an underground impact and at the same time remained relatively undiscovered by the mainstream until Black Sunday hit the stores two years later. The record showcases a new approach to Hip Hop of the early '90s: stoned lyrics on stoned beats being delivered in a weird and innovative, Latino ghetto style. By many considered the best album of Cypress Hill, this one at least has the most raw funk to offer. Muggs digs deep into the crates and comes up with funky-ass SP1200 beats. "How I Could Just Kill A Man", "Hole In The Head" and "Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk" are just a few contenders for best songs on the album.

Available as a double 180 gram audiophile vinyl. 

1. Pigs
2. How I Could Just Kill a Man
3. Hand on the Pump
4. Hole IN the Head

1. Ultraviolet Dreams
2. Light Another
3. The Phuncky Feel One
4. Break It Up

1. Real Estate
2. Stoned is the Way of the Walk
3. Psycobetabuckdown
4. Something for the Blunted

1. Latin Lingo
2. The Funky Cypress Hill Shit
3. Tres Equis
4. Born to Get Busy