Gravity (LP+CD)

by Caliban

Caliban are a 5 piece Metalcore band hailing from Germany. Having formed in 1997, the band have solidifed themselves as one of the worlds most successful and respected Metalcore bands. While the majority of the scene is aiming for a more melodic and overall accessible sound, Caliban are plunging into darkness with their new album, and heaviest offering to date, 'Gravity,' the band's 10th studio album.  

Yet again the album was produced by Benny Richter and guitarist Marc Görtz as well as co-produced by Marcel Neumann. 'Gravity'” was recorded at Görtz' Nemesis Studio by the guitarist himself who mixed the album together with Klaus Scheuermann. The approach wasn't too different from the previous two albums, 'I Am Nemesis' and 'Ghost Empire,' with small, but crucial exceptions: First and foremost frontman Andreas Dörner added in more melodic shouts, second Caliban paid a lot of attention to the guitar sound which turned out more aggressive than on any other Caliban album.


2. Mein Schwarzes Herz
3. Who I Am
4. Left For Dead
5. Crystal Skies
6. Walk Alone
7. The Ocean's Heart
8. brOKen
9. For We Are Forever
10. Inferno
11. No Dream Without A Sacrifice
12. Hurricane