Black Anima (CD)

by Lacuna Coil

After the extremely successful previous album "Delirium"; and the groundbreaking live album "The 119 Show";, Lacuna Coil are back with their ninth studio album. Carried by singer Cristina Scabbia "Black Anima"; sounds epic, atmospheric, groovy and hard at the same time and raises the band to a whole new level, which the band impressively proves with songs like "Reckless";, "Layers of Time";, "Under the Surface"; and "Veneficium";



  1. Anima Nera
    2. Sword Of Anger
    3. Reckless
    4. Layers Of Time
    5. Apocalypse
    6. Now Or Never
    7. Under The Surface
    8. Veneficium
    9. The End Is All I Can See
    10. Save Me
    11. Black Anima