Disobey (Vinyl 2LP)

by Bad Wolves


BAD WOLVES burst on to the scene last year with the independently released debut single ‘Learn To Live’.

Defined by a push-and-pull between incalculable instrumentation and soaring melodies, BAD WOLVES will keep listeners guessing and thinking on their path to hard rock and metal supremacy.

BAD WOLVES’ cover of THE CRANBERRIES’ ‘Zombie’ hit No. 1 on the iTunes Chart in Australia, USA and Canada, and will appear on the band’s debut album, “Disobey”, alongside ‘Learn To Live’ and a slew of new tracks.

BAD WOLVES consists of of vocalist Tommy Vext (ex-DIVINE HERESY, SNOT), drummer John Boecklin (ex-DEVILDRIVER), guitarist Doc Coyle (VAGUS NERVE, ex-GOD FORBID), guitarist Chris Cain (BURY YOUR DEAD) and bassist Kyle Konkiel (ex-IN THIS MOMENT).


Side A

  1. Officer Down
  2. Learn To Live
  3. No Masters
  4. Zombie

Side B

  1. Run For Your Life
  2. Remember When
  3. Better The Devil
  4. Jesus Slaves

Side C

  1. Hear Me Now
  2. Truth Or Dare
  3. The Conversation
  4. Shape Shifter

Side D

  1. Toast To The Ghost
  2. I Swear
  3. Pacifico
  4. Blood N Bone