Moo, You Bloody Choir (Vinyl)

by Augie March

Offering three years worth of songs from the pen of Glenn Richards, 'Moo, You Bloody Choir' is a potent example of Augie March at their finest.

'Moo, You Bloody Choir' was recorded in Melbourne, San Francisco and the band's own Second World studio in Nagambie in country Victoria. It was variously produced by Australian studio legend Paul McKercher, by Captain Beefheart/PJ Harvey alumnus Eric Drew Feldman, and by Augie March, and was mixed by Mark Howard (Time Out Of Mind - Bob Dylan).

The first single "One Crowded Hour" is a song that spins from a gentle finger-picked waltz into an epic melodrama piled high with layers of fleeting joy and dashed hope, all gathering spin under some drunken mirror ball.

LP1 Side A
The Hole in Your Roof
Maroondah Reservoir
There Is No Such Place

LP1 Side B
Tasman Awakens
Believe Me
Sunset Studies
Men Who Follow Spring The Planet 'Round

LP2 Side A
Angels Of The Bowling Green
Heartbeat And Sails
The Offer
The Good Gardener (On How He Fell)

LP2 Side B
Here Comes The Night
Asleep In Perfection
Owen's Lament