Atonement (CD)

by The Music Vault

Grammy-nominated hard rock heavyweights Killswitch Engage have announced their eighth album Atonement, released August 16.
2019 represents another turning point. The quintet – Adam Dutkiewicz [lead guitar], Joel Stroetzel [rhythm guitar], Mike D’Antonio [bass], Justin Foley [drums], and Jesse Leach [vocals] – sharpen every side of this signature sound on their eighth full-length, Atonement. The vision they shared two decades ago crystallizes like never before as evidenced by the first single “Unleashed.”


1. Unleashed 
2. The Signal Fire (feat. Howard Jones) 
3. Us Against The World 
4. The Crownless King (feat. Chuck Billy) 
5. I Am Broken Too 
6. As Sure As The Sun Will Rise 
7. Know Your Enemy 
8. Take Control 
9. Ravenous 
10. I Can't Be The Only One 
11. Bite The Hand That Feeds