Everything Now Bundle

by Arcade Fire


  • Everything Now - Exclusive Night French Version album art
  • Everything Now - Day Version Cassette  
  • Limited Edition Arcade Fire "Everything Now" Poster

Celebrated and Grammy-nominated Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire will release their 5th album “Everything Now” on July 28th 

Arcade Fire released their seminal debut album “Funeral” in 2004. Second album “Neon Bible”, third album “The Suburbs” and fourth album “Reflektor” all peaked in the top 10 in Australia, with “The Suburbs” and “Reflektor” both hitting #1 in Canada, US, and the UK

The band were last in Australia in 2014 for the final Big Day Out as well as sideshows around the country and have announced a large number of shows and festivals for 2017 and 2018


    1. Everything_now (Continued)
    2. Everything Now
    3. Signs Of Life
    4. Creature Comfort
    5. Peter Pan
    6. Chemistry
    7. Infinite Content
    8. Infinite_content
    9. Electric Blue
    10. Good God Damn
    11. Put Your Money On Me
    12. We Don't Deserve Love
    13. Everything Now (Continued)