Invention Of Knowledge (2LP+CD)

by Anderson/Stolt

Two masters from different eras working together? That's one way of looking at the combination of Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt. But this isn't just two giants from the progressive world pooling their considerable natural resources. But a project with a fresh sound, in the process making music that spans the ages.

"For me, this is an album that will prove to be timeless," says Stolt. "In the way that you can put on a Yes album from the '70s now and it still sounds fresh, so I feel people will be able to listen  to what we have done here in 10 years' time and it will still make an impact."
From this beginning, Anderson and Stolt began exchanging musical ideas across the world.

"The foundation of the songs started many moons ago via the internet," explains Anderson. "Even though we are at opposite ends of the world, we have been able to co-create this very special album, thanks to the modern technological world we live in."

"As you would expect, these are very long," suggests Stolt. "It is difficult to describe the way they sound. You'll have to hear for yourself. There is so much going on musically. As I said earlier, it does reflect the attitude in the '70s, when artists didn't allow their creativity to be confined to a linear dimension."