Zoax 12" Vinyl (2LP)

Zoax 12" Vinyl (2LP)

by Zoax

The eagerly awaited self-titled debut full-length album from Zoax!

 Known as an outstanding live act, delivering smashing live performances night after night, the band managed to capture this performance on 'Zoax.'

"Everyone wants to create something original in every form of art. This takes time for some people, and for others it can happen over night. We never worried about this within the band while writing and recording the album, because in some ways it can ruin and stress so many bands. We just absolutely cherish every second that we get to do this, and any opportunity we get to record the music we create and love, is all that matters. A debut album regardless if it's the album that makes the band, or not,  It should always be a musicians most prized trophy, and that is exactly what this album is to us. We wanted it to have the same feeling that people get from our live shows, we wanted it to deliver all the genre's of music that we know and love, and we just wanted it to be a good time."   


The Bad Blood
Devil Dance
Roses All The Way
Fly High
The Wave
Good Times
King And Queens
Alive In Sound