Ride Me Back Home (Vinyl)

by Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson’s latest studio album, RIDE ME BACK HOME is a reflective, upbeat journey through life, love and time's inescapable rhythms viewed from Willie's inimitable perspective. RIDE ME BACK HOME finds the artist in full appreciation of every moment, sharing his experience in songs he has written and songs he loves to sing. Willie Nelson also pays musical tribute to a variety of pop and country songwriters and performers including Billy Joel, Mac Davis and Guy Clark.






1.       Ride Me Back Home



2.       Come On Time



3.       My Favorite Picture Of You



4.       Seven Year



5.       Immigrant Eyes



6.       Stay Away From Lonely Places







1.       Just The Way You Are



2.       One More Song To Write



3.       Nobody’s Listening



4.       It’s Hard To Be Humble



5.       Maybe I Should’ve Been Listening