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by The Internet
HIVE MIND – written and produced entirely by THE INTERNET – is the band’s follow up to their breakthrough third album, EGO DEATH.  That album’s fresh sound of funk-tinged beats, laced with slinky guitars, evocative keys, and heart-striking lyrics about relationships with women, earned it a GRAMMY nomination for Best Urban Contemporary album, countless sold out shows, and massive acclaim on an international scale, quickly catapulting THE INTERNET to one of the most exciting new artists of this decade.  With the dynamic, multi-dimensional offering, THE INTERNETlet the world know that they were not only insanely talented, but a true, five-person force whose singular talents created one phenomenal whole. 


After a lengthy world tour in support of EGO DEATH, the band encouraged each other to explore their identities as solo artists; incredible solo albums from all five members of THE INTERNET emerged to rapturous response throughout 2017.  Feeling the unity of coming back together, however, created the foundation for what became HIVE MIND.  In their new music, members Syd (vocalist/songwriter), Matt Martians (producer), Steve Lacy (guitarist/vocalist/songwriter), Patrick Paige II (songwriter/bassist), and Christopher Smith (songwriter/drummer) present kaleidoscopic, neo-soul, future sounds that reveal the growth in their creative chemistry. It’s light years beyond their previous output, and even in its slower moments, the project is both intricate and minimal, giving each member’s contributions the space to shine.


1.      Come Together

2.      Roll (Burbank Funk)

3.      Come Over

4.      La Di Da

5.      Stay The Night

6.      Bravo

7.      Mood

8.      Next Time / Humble Pie

9.      It Gets Better (With Time)

10.  Wanna Be

11.  Beat Goes On

12.  Hold On