Screaming Trees / Sweet Oblivion (Vinyl)

by Screaming Trees

'The Screaming Trees are considered to be one of the godfathers of Grunge. Although they were one of the best 'Seattle-bands' of the early nineties, they never achieved the commercial success of bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. Founded in 1985, the band had to wait till 1992 for their biggest success, the release of Sweet Oblivion. The song "Nearly Lost You" became the Screaming Trees' biggest hit after being featured on the soundtrack of the movie Singles. 


Side A
1. Shadow Of The Season
 2. Nearly Lost You
 3. Dollar Bill
 4. More Or Less
 5. Butterfly
 6. For Celebrations Past

Side B
1. The Secret Kind
 2. Winter Song
 3. Troubled Times
 4. No One Knows
 5. Julie Paradise