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THE WONDER OF YOU: ELVIS PRESLEY WITH THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA focuses on the iconic artist’s unmistakable voice with lush new orchestral accompaniment. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with acclaimed producers Don Reedman and Nick Patrick, the album features Elvis’ most dramatic original performances augmented with lush new arrangements by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The album spans a variety of musical styles that Elvis embraced, from rock and gospel to country and ballads, featuring beloved Presley classics along with several surprises. Standout tracks include a sultry new version of the ‘A Big Hunk O’ Love,’ the glorious ‘Amazing Grace,’ the heartfelt emotion on ‘Kentucky Rain,’ a stunning new take on the classic ‘Always On My Mind,’ and the fun, upbeat ‘I’ve Got A Think About You Baby.


1. A Big Hunk O’ Love
2. I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby
3. Suspicious Minds
4. Don’t

1. I Just Can’t Help Believin’
2. Just Pretend
3. Love Letters

1. Amazing Grace
2. Starting Today
3. Kentucky Rain
4. Memories

1. Let It Be Me
2. Always On My Mind
3. The Wonder Of You
4. Just Pretend (duet with Helene Fisher)

1. A Big Hunk O’ Love
2. I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby
3. Suspicious Minds
4. Don’t
5. I Just Can’t Help Believin’
6. Just Pretend
7. Love Letters
8. Amazing Grace
9. Starting Today
10. Kentucky Rain
11. Memories
12. Let It Be Me
13. Always On My Mind
14. The Wonder Of You
15. You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me (*additional track)
16. You Gave Me a Mountain (*additional track)
17. Just Pretend (duet with Helene Fisher)


    Eye Of The Soundscape (3LP + 2CD)

    Eye Of The Soundscape (3LP + 2CD)

    by Riverside

    Following RIVERSIDE’s sixth and highly successful studio album release, “Love, Fear and the Time Machine" and its recently launched 5.1 edition, the Warsaw, Poland-based Progressive Rock innovators return with a very special complimentary instrumental release dubbed “Eye Of The Soundscape”.
    “Eye Of The Soundscape” features 13 experimental and highly atmospheric compositions, previously used as bonus material for the “Shrine Of New Generation Slaves” (2103) and “Love, Fear and the Time Machine" (2015) albums, alongside rare cuts (E.g. a new mix of “Rapid Eye Movement” and the single “Rainbow Trip”, so far only released in Poland) as well as 4 new songs (“Where The River Flows”, “Shine”, “Sleepwalkers” and “Eye Of The Soundscape”) into a massive +100 minutes 2CD/3LP package, which showcases RIVERSIDE’s ambient electronic side.


    1. Where The River Flows (10:53)
    2. Shine (04:09)
    3. Rapid Eye Movement (2016 Mix) (12:40)
    4. Night Session – Part One (10:40)
    5. Night Session – Part Two (11:35)

    1. Sleepwalkers (07:19)
    2. Rainbow Trip (2016 Mix) (06:19)
    3. Heavenland (04:59)
    4. Return (6:50)
    5. Aether (08:43)
    6. Machines (03:53)
    7. Promise (02:44)
    8. Eye Of The Soundscape (11:30)

    SIDE A
    1. Where The River Flows (10:51)
    2. Shine (04:08)
    3. Sleepwalkers (07:18)

    SIDE B
    1. Rapid Eye Movement (2016 Mix) (12:40)
    2. Rainbow Trip (2016 Mix) (06:19)

    SIDE C
    1. Night Session – Part One (10:40)
    2. Night Session – Part Two (11:30)

    SIDE D
    1. Heavenland (04:59)
    2. Return (06:51)
    3. Aether (08:43)

    SIDE E
    1. Machines (03:54)
    2. Promise (02:44)
    3. Eye Of The Soundscape (11:33)