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Linving The Dream (Vinyl)

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Linving The Dream (Vinyl)


Linving The Dream (Vinyl)

by Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators
Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators have announced they’ll release their new album titled Living The Dream on September 21 via Slash’s own label Snakepit Records in partnership with Sony Music Australia.

Living The Dream marks Slash’s fourth solo album and third with his band featuring Myles Kennedy (Vocals), Brent Fitz (Drums), Todd Kerns (Bass & Vocals) and Frank Sidoris (Guitar & Vocals).


Side A

 1)      Call of the Wild

2)      Serve You Right

3)      My Antidote

4)      Mind Your Manners

5)      Lost Inside the Girl

6)      Read Between the Lines


Side B

7)      Slow Grind

8)      The One You Loved Is Gone 

9)      Driving Rain 

10)   Sugar Cane

11)   The Great Pretender 

12)   Boulevard of Broken Hearts


Vinyl album edition of "Funny How How Sweet Co-What Can Be" - debut album of the Sweet group, released in November 1971.

Pressed on 140gram vinyl




1. Co-Co

2. Chop Chop

3. Reflections

4. Honeysuckle Love

5. Santa Monica Sunshine

6. Daydream

7. Alexander Graham Bell

8. Poppa Joe


1. Funny Funny

2. Tom Tom Turnaround

3. Jeanie

4. Sunny Sleeps Late

5. Spotlight

6. Done Me Wrong All Right

7. Little Willy

8. Wig Wam Bam

Pink Floyd merch PULSE (LIVE) 4LP Boxset // PREORDER

PULSE LIVE (Vinyl 4LP Boxset)

by Pink Floyd

‘PULSE’, originally released in 1995, was compiled by James Guthrie, using various performances from the band’s 1994 Division Bell tour across the UK and Europe featuring David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright. The album includes ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ performed in full live, as well as a whole side dedicated to the show’s encore.

The 4-LP set includes four different inner sleeves, each inside individual outer sleeves, plus a 52-page hardback photo book, all encased in a thick card slipcase. This 2018 release was remastered from the original tapes by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Bernie Grundman. Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis and Peter Curzon, who worked on the original art with the late Hipgnosis co-founder, Storm Thorgerson, recreated the art package.

Pink Floyd’s ‘PULSE’ will be available on heavyweight 180-gram vinyl from 18 May 2018.



Side One                                                                          

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5, 7)
  2. Astronomy Domine
  3. What Do You Want From Me 

Side Two

  1. Learning To Fly
  2. Keep Talking
  3. Coming Back To Life


Side One                                                                         

  1. Hey You
  2. A Great Day For Freedom
  3. Sorrow
Side Two
  1. High Hopes
  2. Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two)
  3. Coming Back To Life 


Side One                                                                         

The Dark Side Of The Moon

  1. 1.Speak To Me
  2. Breathe (In The Air)
  3. On The Run
  4. Time

Side Two

  1. The Great Gig In The Sky
  2. Money


Side One

  1. Us And Them
  2. Any Colour You Like
  3. Brain Damage
  4. Eclipse

Side Two


  1. Wish You Were Here
  2. Comfortably Numb
  3. Run Like Hell

    Foo Fighters CONCRETE AND GOLD (Vinyl)



    by Foo Fighters
    ‘Concrete And Gold’ is the Foo’ Fighters ninth studio album and was written and performed by Foo Fighters, produced by Greg Kurstin and Foo Fighters, and mixed by Darrell Thorp.

    “I wanted it to be the biggest sounding Foo Fighters record ever. To make a gigantic rock record but with Greg Kurstin’s sense of melody and arrangement… Motorhead’s version of Sgt. Pepper… or something like that.”
    So speaks Dave Grohl of the mission statement made manifest in Foo Fighters’ ninth epic, the aptly-titled Concrete and Gold

    Just as Foo Fighters’ anthem of the summer “Run” “opens as a dreamy, slow burner then… quickly turns heavy as thunder” (BILLBOARD) with its “huge triumphant chorus” (STEREOGUM), Concrete and Gold marries some of the most insanely heavy FF riffs ever with lush harmonic complexities courtesy of a first time team-up with producer Greg Kurstin.
    2. Run
    3. Make It Right
    4. The Sky Is A Neighbourhood
    5. La Dee Da
    6. Dirty Water
    7. Arrows
    8. Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)
    9. Sunday Rain
    10. The Line
    11. Concrete and Gold
    Shockwave Supernova (2LP)

    Joe Satriani Shockwave Supernova (2LP)


    Shockwave Supernova (2LP)

    by Joe Satriani
    '-- Comp. 1 Side A
    Shockwave Supernova
    Lost in a Memory
    Crazy Joey
    In My Pocket
    -- Comp. 1 Side B
    On Peregrine Wings
    San Francisco Blue
    Keep on Movin'
    -- Comp. 2 Side A
    All of My Life
    A Phase I'm Going Through
    Scarborough Stomp
    Butterfly and Zebra
    -- Comp. 2 Side B
    If There Is No Heaven
    Stars Race Across the Sky
    Goodbye Supernova
    There Is Nothing Left To Lose (2LP)

    There Is Nothing Left To Lose (2LP)

    by Foo Fighters

    'There Is Nothing Left To Lose' is the third studio album by the Foo Fighters, originally released November 2, 1999. The album marked the first appearance of drummer Taylor Hawkins, and is often seen as a departure from the band's previous work, showcasing a softer, more experimental sound.


    Side A
    Stacked Actors
    Learn to Fly

    Side B
    Gimme Stitches

    Side A
    Live-In Skin
    Next Year

    Side B
    Ain't It The Life

    Pure Dylan - An Intimate Look At Bob Dylan (2LP)

    We have an exciting addition to our vinyl release schedule with the release of Pure Dylan – An Intimate Look At Bob Dylan. Beautifully packaged as a 2LP in gatefold sleeve with printed inner sleeves, this collection will be the star of any vinyl collection.   This is not your typical “greatest hits” collection, however, instead this is a carefully considered journey through the career of one of the greatest songwriters of all time. Pure Dylan collects fan favourites and rarities from five decades of his career in an entirely unique way, and offers an intriguing perspective on Bob Dylan’s musical genius.


    Side A
    Trouble In Mind
    Girl from the North Country
    Most of the Time
    She Belongs to Me
    Billy 1

    Side B
    Shooting Star
    Sugar Baby
    You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
    Tomorrow Night

    Side A
    Every Grain of Sand
    Percy's Song
    Born In Time
    Boots of Spanish Leather

    Side B
    This Dream of You
    Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
    If You See Her, Say Hello

    48:13 (2LP)

    Kasabian 48:13 (2LP)


    48:13 (2LP)

    by Kasabian

    2014 vinyl LP pressing of the English quintet's critically acclaimed fourth consecutive #1 album in the UK & Europe. The distinct sound & integrity of Kasabian's fifth studio album defines the very essence of the band, their trademark sound distilled and repackaged into one incredibly exciting, unique statement of intent. 48:13 is driven by the continuous evolution and musical experimentation of the band through their previous 4 albums. The album's first U.S. radio single, 'Eez-eh', shows just one end of the spectrum of possibilities showcased by guitarist Sergio Pizzorno's songwriting & production. A relentless all night anthem which has filled Mosh pits across Europe since the start of the summer. The video for 'Eez-eh' was directed by the acclaimed artist and designer Aitor Throup, who has taken the role of Creative Director of the album.


    LP 1: Side A


    LP 1: Side B

    LP 2: Side A

    LP 2: Side B

    A Version of Now (Vinyl)

    Peter Garrett A Version of Now (Vinyl)


    A Version of Now (Vinyl)

    by Peter Garrett

    Pressed on black 140gram vinyl, A Version Of Now is Peter Garrett's debut solo album, seeing the Midnight Oils frontman enter the studio once more.

    A note from Peter:
    As I was finishing my memoir, melodies and lines kept dropping into my head and I ended up reaching for a guitar and writing a few songs. It was a surprise to discover the creative spring flowing again. But once these accidental tunes were out in the sunlight I decided to jump into a studio and give them life, along with a few other snippets from another age I'd always liked. I wanted to capture my version of now: a reflection of turbulent decades spent at full stretch, and the person - Doris - places and things that mean the world to me. With the parachute opening quickly, Martin Rotsey came on board to play guitar and was a great sounding board. Later, Pete Luscombe of 'RocKwiz' fame and numerous Paul Kelly bands, Mark Wilson previously in Jet, Heather Shannon from The Jezabels, and Jamie Hutchings  formerly of Bluebottle Kiss, and now Infinity Broke, plus my daughters Em, May and Grace, joined in. I can't thank all the players enough for giving so much to this rush of music making.  Burke Reid who has worked with The Drones, Courtney Barnett and a host of others, did a mighty job producing the record with me at Rancom St Studios in Botany, and we mixed at Harry Vanda's Hercules Studios in Surry Hills.


    Tall Trees
    I'd Do It Again
    No Placebo
    Kangaroo Tail
    Great White Shark
    Only One
    Night & Day
    It Still Matters

    Jack White Lazaretto Vinyl LP

    Jack White Lazaretto (Vinyl)


    Lazaretto (Vinyl)

    by Jack White

    Jack White returns with his 2nd solo album ‘Lazaretto’. The album follows on from his ARIA #2, gold certified album ‘Blunderbuss’. The album also notched up 5 Grammy nominations, including ‘Album Of The Year’ and dominated Best of 2012 lists, including being named MOJO's #1 album.


    Three Women
    Temporary Ground
    Would You Fight For My Love?
    High Ball Stepper
    Just One Drink
    Alone In My Home
    That Black Bat Licorice
    I Think I Found The Culprit
    Want and Able

    Limitless (Vinyl)

    Tonight Alive Limitless (Vinyl)

    We Shall Overcome  The Seeger Sessions (2LP)

    We Shall Overcome The Seeger Sessions (2LP)

    by Bruce Springsteen

    We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions is the fourteenth studio album by Bruce Springsteen, released in 2006.

    This is Springsteen's first and so far only album of non-Springsteen material and contains his interpretation of thirteen folk music songs made popular by activist folk musician Pete Seeger. As an activist and artist of folk music, Seeger did not write any of the songs on the album. His life's work focused on popularizing and promoting the ethic of local, historical musical influences and recognising the cultural significance of which folk music embodies.

    In 2007, it won the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Folk Album at the 49th Grammy Awards.


    Old Dan Tucker
    Jesse James (Just Ask)
    Mrs. McGrath
    O Mary Don't You Weep

    Side B
    John Henry
    Erie Canal
    Jacob's Ladder

    Side A
    My Oklahoma Home
    Eyes on the Prize

    Side B
    Pay Me My Money Down
    We Shall Overcome
    Froggie Went a Courtin'

    Lateralus (2LP)

    Tool Lateralus (2LP)


    Lateralus (2LP)

    by Tool

    Lateralus is the third full-length studio album by Tool, released in 2001 The album was produced by David Bottrill, who had produced the band's two previous releases Ænima and Salival.

    The track listing is altered on the vinyl edition, with "Disposition" appearing at track 8. Because of the long running time, the double vinyl edition could not be released like the disc since the songs would not fit on each disc side in that order. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and was certified platinum in Australia. The band won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for the song "Schism" in 2002.


    Side A
    The Grudge
    Eon Blue Apocalypse
    The Patient

    Side B

    Side A
    Ticks & Leeches

    Side B
    Faaip De Oiad

    Science & Faith (Vinyl)

    The Script Science & Faith (Vinyl)

    We Will Reign (Vinyl)

    The Last Internationale We Will Reign (Vinyl)

    Pull The Thorns From Your Heart (Vinyl)
    One By One (2LP)

    Foo Fighters One By One (2LP)


    One By One (2LP)

    by Foo Fighters

    'One By One' is the fourth studio album by Foo Fighters, first released on October 22, 2002 by RCA. Production on the album was troubled, with initial recording sessions considered unsatisfying and raising tensions between the band members. They eventually decided to redo the album from scratch during a two-week period at frontman Dave Grohl's home studio in Alexandria, Virginia. The songs on the album, which include the successful singles "All My Life" and "Times Like These," have been noted for their introspective lyrics and a heavier and more aggressive sound compared to the band's earlier work, which Grohl said was intended to translate the energy of the Foo Fighters' live performances into a recording.


    Side A
    All My Life
    Have It All

    Side B
    Times Like These
    Disenchanted Lullaby
    Tired Of You

    Side A
    Lonely As You

    Side B
    Burn Away
    Come Back

    Yield (Vinyl)

    Pearl Jam Yield (Vinyl)


    Yield (Vinyl)

    by Pearl Jam

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of No Code and a new chapter in the band’s history, Legacy Recordings reissues both No Code and Yield on 150-gram vinyl. This is the first time both albums have been available on the format since their original release—pressings that now command triple-digit prices on the secondary market—and the first time the albums are being mastered specifically for vinyl, by Grammy Award-winning engineer Bob Ludwig. Both albums will feature recreations of their original packaging.

    On “Yield”, Pearl Jam and Brendan O’Brien teamed up once again for a spirited session marked by the breakthrough of band members (guitarists Mike McCready and Stone Gossard, bassist Jeff Ament and drummer Jack Irons) bringing in finished songs for Vedder to add his signature lyrics to. With a more accessible mainstream rock sound and a full-scale tour (and replacing Irons with Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron, the band’s drummer to this day), “Yield” became the band’s fifth straight album to be certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.


    Brain of J.
    No Way
    Given to Fly
    Do the Evolution
    Red Bar
    Low Light
    In Hiding
    Push Me, Pull Me
    All Those Yesterdays

    Girls, Girls, Girls (Vinyl)

    Girls, Girls, Girls (Vinyl)

    by Motley Crue
    Girls, Girls, Girls is the fourth studio album by the American heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, released on May 15, 1987. Now available for the first time on limited edition transcluent red vinyl. The album contains a more blused riffed style than their previous albums. The record contains the hits "Wild Side" and "Girls, Girls, Girls". The record also reflects the band's hard-living lifestyle, and pays homage to their love of riding Harley Motorcycles, drinking whiskey, drug use, life on the Sunset Strip, and spending nights at strip clubs. However, there are darker sides to the album as well, notably "Dancing on Glass" and "Wild Side". The power ballad "You're All I Need" tells the story of the death of a lover, and the song "Nona" is a tribute to Nikki Sixx' grandmother, who died during the recording of the album.
    Easter (Vinyl)

    Patti Smith Group Easter (Vinyl)


    Easter (Vinyl)

    by Patti Smith Group
    Sold out

    Easter is an album by the Patti Smith Group, released in March 1978. Produced by Jimmy Iovine, it is regarded as the group's commercial breakthrough, owing to the success of the single, "Because the Night" (co-written by Bruce Springsteen and Smith), which reached #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #5 in the UK. Easter incorporated a diversity of musical styles, though still including classic rock and roll ("25th Floor/High on Rebellion", "Rock N Roll Nigger"), folk ("Ghost Dance"), spoken word ("Babelogue") and pop music ("Because the Night"). The album was highly acclaimed upon its release. Writing in Rolling Stone, Dave Marsh called the album "transcendent and fulfilled."


    Till Victory
    Space Monkey
    Because the Night
    Ghost Dance
    Rock N Roll Nigger
    Privilege (Set Me Free)
    We Three
    25th Floor
    High On Rebellion

    Showroom Internationale - Dinner Show 8/12/70 (2LP)

    Sony Legacy released 'Showroom Internationale', a numbered 2LP vinyl set for 'Record Store Day's' Black Friday on Friday, November 28, 2014, and we have just a few copies. The film 'Elvis: That's The Way It Is' provided fans with their first real glimpse of Elvis performing at an absolute peak of his vocal prowess in August 1970. This individually numbered, 17 song, 2 LP set features the King's full August 12, 1970 dinner show and includes 13 previously unreleased performances.


    Side A
    That's All Right
    I Got a Woman
    Hound Dog
    Heartbreak Hotel
    Love Me Tender

    Side B
    I've Lost You
    I Just Can't Help Believin'
    Patch It Up
    Twenty Days and Twenty Nights

    Side A
    You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
    Polk Salad Annie
    Blue Suede Shoes

    Side B
    You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
    Bridge over Troubled Water
    Suspicious Minds
    Can't Help Falling in Love

    The Cry Of Love (Vinyl)

    Jimi Hendrix The Cry Of Love (Vinyl)


    The Cry Of Love (Vinyl)

    by Jimi Hendrix

    Experience Hendrix/Legacy Recordings will reissue two long-unavailable albums in the extraordinary discography of Jimi Hendrix: The Cry Of Love and Rainbow Bridge. First released in 1971, The Cry Of Love revealed the new music Hendrix had been preparing for First Rays Of The New Rising Sun, the ambitious double album the guitarist was working on at the time of his death. Featuring favourites like “Angel” and “Freedom,” The Cry Of Love was compiled and mixed by Hendrix’s longtime engineer Eddie Kramer and drummer Mitch Mitchell. The Cry Of Love reached the Top 5 of the music charts on both sides of the Atlantic. For many fans, The Cry Of Love served as the first introductions to this boundary stretching material—recordings that saw Hendrix take fullest control of his musical gifts, writing, recording and producing the balance of these works from his newly-constructed Electric Lady Studios in New York City. To this day, they remain a significant signpost in Hendrix’s catalogue: a reflection of the public’s interest in more material from the iconic performer in the wake of his death, and the first public expression of his latest evolution as an artist.


    Ezy Ryder
    Night Bird Flying
    My Friend
    Straight Ahead
    Astro Man
    In From the Storm
    Belly Button Window

    Opiate (Vinyl)

    Tool Opiate (Vinyl)


    Opiate (Vinyl)

    by Tool

    'Opiate' is the 1992 EP by Tool, and the precursor to Tool's first full-length album, 'Undertow,' a year later. It was produced and engineered by Sylvia Massy and former Minor Threat bassist Steve Hansgen. The EP features six tracks with seven songs, the seventh a hidden track entitled "The Gaping Lotus Experience."


    Part Of Me
    Cold And Ugly

    #3 (Vinyl)

    The Script #3 (Vinyl)