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Ted Mulry Gang Full Circle – Greatest Hits (Vinyl LP)

Full Circle – Greatest Hits (Vinyl LP)

by Ted Mulry Gang

RELEASE DATE: 9th of March, 2017

TMG iconic seventies band are hitting the road from March 2018 with the “Full Circle..back2vinyl” tour.

Side A will be the Alberts Years and Side B the Mushroom years..

With the passing of Ted Mulry in 2001 it is only fitting that his younger brother Steve fill his shoes.

 The band had a string of hits in the seventies with Jump In My Car hitting the number one spot forty years ago.

Other hits like Darktown Strutters Ball, Crazy, My little Girl, Jamaica Rum, Heart of Stone.



  1. Jump In My Car
  2. Darktown Strutters Ball
  3. Crazy(Live on Tour)
  4. Steppin Out
  5. Jamaica Rum
  6. I’m Free


  1.   My Little Girl
  2. Heart Of Stone    
  3.  Naturally
  4.  Sha La La La Lee
  5.  Lazy Eyes
  6. (You’ve Got The) Devil In You