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Chain Reaction (Vinyl)

John Farnham Chain Reaction (Vinyl)


Chain Reaction (Vinyl)

by John Farnham


Chain Reaction is a studio album by Australian singer John Farnham.
The album was released in Australia on September 24th 1990 on CD, cassette tape and LP.

 It was the highest selling album in Australia that year, debuting at #1 on the ARIA charts.

The album had four singles released under it, the first three of them yielding top 10 status, with the title track reaching #3 in August, "That's Freedom" at #5 in September and "Burn For You" reaching #5 in December. A fourth single, "In Days to Come", was released early the following year, peaking at #41.


1. That's Freedom
2. In Days To Come
3. Burn For You
4. See The Banners Fall
5. I Can Do Anything
6. All Our Sons And Daughters

1. Chain Reaction
2. In Your Hands
3. New Day
4. The Time Has Come
5. The First Step
6. Time And Money
Age Of Reason (Vinyl)

John Farnham Age Of Reason (Vinyl)


Age Of Reason (Vinyl)

by John Farnham

Age of Reason is a studio album by Australian pop singer John Farnham.

It was released in Australia on 25 July 1988 and debuted at No. 1 on the (ARIA) Albums Chart in August and remained on top for eight weeks.

It was the follow-up to his previous No. 1 album, Whispering Jack, and was the highest selling album in Australia in 1988.

As of 1997, it was 11x platinum indicating sales of over 770,000 units.

Critically considered one of Farnham's best albums, with "Age of Reason" and "Beyond the Call" being about the urgency for the world to wake up and solve its problems.



1. Age of Reason
2. Blow by Blow
3. Listen to the Wind
4. Two Strong Hearts
5. Burn Down the Night

1. Beyond the Call
2. We're No Angels
3. Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done
4. The Fire
5 .Some Do, Some Don't