Om Generator (LP+CD)

Motorowl Om Generator (LP+CD)


Om Generator (LP+CD)

by Motorowl

Century Media Records, proudly present you the young quintet, Motorowl, formed in 2014 when most of its band members were not even twenty years old! Motorowl quickly developed a heavy sound blessed with fabulous riffs, great vocal melodies, and a grinding Hammond organ on top.

After having played a good share of gigs with Jex Thoth, Path Of Samsara, and a tour with Sweden's Bombus, Motorowl offer live experience as well and even Germany's Visions Mag highly recommended these newcomers.

Created with pure passion and incredible, mature song-writing skills, the band's debut, 'Om Generator' was co-produced by Fabian Hildebrandt (of label mates Deserted Fear) and the mighty Dan Swanö took over mix and mastering duties.


Om Generator
The Highest City, Pt. 1
The Highest City, Pt. 2
Old Mans Maze
One and Zero
Beloved Whale
White Horse
Spiritual Healing