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1993-2011 (13 x LP Boxset)

1993-2011 (13 x LP Boxset)

by In Flames
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'Without a doubt IN FLAMES are one of the most successful and influential Swedish Metal bands. Together with At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity they are one of the forefathers of the “Gothenburg sound” which did not only heavily influence melodic death metal artists such as Insomnium, Soilwork, Wintersun or Eluveitie, but also left an undeniable mark on modern metal which brought us bands like Trivium, Killswitch Engage or Caliban. Century Media Records is releasing all albums plus the “Black-Ash Inheritance”-EP and legendary “Demo ‘93” in a strictly limited, hand numbered and luxurious vinyl collector’s box that comes with the following 13 discs all of which are 180g vinyl All songs are remastered by David Donnelly at DNA Mastering (Aerosmith, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blink 182, KISS, Miley Cyrus, Mötley Crüe and many more).


Tracklisting: LP1 Lunar Strain
Side A
1. Behind Space
2. Lunar Strain
3. Starforsaken
4. Dreamscape
5. Everlost (Part I)
6. Everlost (Part II)
Side B
1. Hårgalåten
2. In Flames
3. Upon An Oaken Throne
4. Clad In Shadows

Tracklisting: LP2 Subterranean
Side A
1. Stand Ablaze
2. Everdying
3. Subterranean
4. Timeless
5. Biosphere
Side B
1. Dead Eternity
2. The Inborn Lifeless
3. Eye Of The Beholder
4. Murders In The Rue Morgue

Tracklisting: LP3 The Jester Race
Side A
1. Moonshield
2. The Jester’s Dance
3. Artifacts Of The Black Rain
4. Graveland
5. Lord Hypnos
6. Dead Eternity
Side B
1. The Jester Race
2. December Flower
3. Wayfaerer
4. Dead God In Me

Tracklisting: LP4 Black-Ash Inheritance
Side A
1. Goliaths Disarm Their Davids
2. Gyroscope
3. Acoustic Medley
4. Behind Space - Live
Side B

Tracklisting: LP5 Whoracle
Side A
1. Jotun
2. Food For The Gods
3. Gyroscope
4. Dialogue With The Stars
5. The Hive
Side B
1. Jester Script Transfigured
2. Morphing Into Primal
3. Worlds Within The Margin
4. Episode 666
5. Everything Counts
6. Whoracle

Tracklisting: LP6 Colony
Side A
1. Embody The Invisible
2. Ordinary Story
3. Scorn
4. Colony
5. Zombie Inc.
Side B
1. Pallar Anders Visa
2. Coerced Coexistence
3. Resin
4. Behind Space '99
5. Insipid 2000
6. The New Word

Tracklisting: LP7 Clayman
Side A
1. Bullet Ride
2. Pinball Map
3. Only For The Weak
4. ... As The Future Repeats Today
5. Square Nothing
Side B
1. Clayman
2. Satellites And Astronauts
3. Brush The Dust Away
4. Swim
5. Suburban Me
6. Another Day In Quicksand

Tracklisting: LP8 Reroute To Remain
Side A
1. Reroute To Remain
2. System
3. Drifter
4. Trigger
5. Cloud Connected
6. Transparent
7. Dawn Of A New Day
Side B
1. Egonomic
2. Minus
3. Dismiss The Cynics
4. Free Fall
5. Dark Signs
6. Metaphor
7. Black & White

Tracklisting: LP9 Soundtrack To Your Escape
Side A
1. F(r)iend
2. The Quiet Place
3. Dead Alone
4. Touch Of Red
5. Like You Better Dead
6. My Sweet Shadow
Side B
1. Evil In A Closet
2. In Search For I
3. Borders And Shading
4. Superhero Of The Computer Rage
5. Dial 595-Escape
6. Bottled

Tracklisting: LP10 Come Clarity
Side A
1. Take This Life
2. Leeches
3. Reflect The Storm
4. Dead End
5. Scream
6. Come Clarity
7. Vacuum
Side B
1. Pacing Death's Trail
2. Crawl Through Knives
3. Versus Terminus
4. Our Infinite Struggle
5. Vanishing Light
6. Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone

Tracklisting: LP11 A Sense Of Purpose
Side A
1. The Mirror's Truth
2. Disconnected
3. Sleepless Again
4. Alias
5. I'm The Highway
6. Delight And Angers
Side B
1. Move Through Me
2. The Chosen Pessimist
3. Sober And Irrelevant
4. Condemned
5. Drenched In Fear
6. March To The Shore

Tracklisting: LP12 Sounds Of A Playground Fading
Side A
1. Sounds Of A Playground Fading
2. Deliver Us
3. All For Me
4. The Puzzle
5. Fear Is The Weakness
6. Where The Dead Ships Dwell
Side B
1. The Attic
2. Darker Times
3. Ropes
4. Enter Tragedy
5. Jester’s Door
6. A New Dawn
7. Liberation

Tracklisting: LP13 Demo‘93
Side A
1. In Flames
2. Upon An Oaken Throne
3. Clad In Shadows
Side B